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Federal government makes announcement on the national schools chaplaincy program in 2012

Posted: 08-Sep-2011

Today Peter Garrett made the long awaited announcement regarding the details of changes to the National Schools Chaplaincy Program for 2012 – 14.

Peter Robinson, CEO of Genr8 Schools Ministries the largest provider of chaplaincies in NSW state schools has welcomed the announcement by the Minister for Schools, Early Childhood and Youth, Peter Garrett of the terms of the renewed and extended school chaplaincy program.

The support by the federal goverment for school communities that successfully apply for funding under the present program is already greatly appreciated and valued by over 200 state school communities in NSW. Genr8 looks forward to the growth of chaplaincy services to significantly more schools in NSW with the renamed National School Chaplaincy and Student Welfare Program. It is a voluntary program for school communities that participate, and the further development of the program is evidence of the effectiveness of chaplaincy in contributing to the wellbeing of school communities across Australia.

While the standard grant of $20,000 is no longer enough for a two day chaplaincy, we are delighted for remote communities that the grant for them is $24,000, as they have the greatest challenge in finding and retaining staff. More broadly Genr8 is looking to work with local communities across NSW through Chaplaincy Support Committees to supplement the grants and build strong community support for chaplaincy in NSW. 

GenR8 supports the establishing of minimum competencies for chaplains, while noting that our minimum qualifications are at a higher level than the minimum standard mandated in the new policy. Genr8 also supports benchmarks for service providers. Genr8 takes seriously its obligations meet all standards, and is actively taking steps to ensure best practice. One of the ways we are meeting this obligation is in the employment of extra staff to ensure that we meet all mandated requirements in an expanded program. With that in mind Genr8 Ministries is pleased to announce our new Genr8 Executive Officer for School Chaplaincy, Gavin Morgan. Gavin comes to us from Scripture Union Queensland’s Townsville office with significant experience in schools and chaplaincy administration.

To discuss this latest government announcement or the 2012 National Schools Chaplaincy and Student Welfare Program further please contact Gavin Morgan at or phone him on 8268 3302, or CEO Peter Robinson at, phone 02 8268 3338.

To register expressions of interest in Genr8 School Chaplaincy go to

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