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High Court Judgement in the School Chaplaincy Case

Posted: 20-Jun-2012

This morning the High Court ruled on a challenge to the National School Chaplaincy Programme. The ruling found that the programme was not invalid on grounds of religious freedom because Chaplains do not hold an office under the Commonwealth. 

However the High Court did find that the current funding arrangements for the Chaplaincy program exceeded the funding powers of the Commonwealth. This was because the funding is given to various groups using the Commonwealth's executive power rather than through specific legislation.

'Attorney General Nicola Roxon has told reporters in Canberra the government would continue funding the program, despite the landmark ruling.'  Read the full article here

The Federal Government has been working for months on a contingency plan in the event of the ruling going this way, and Genr8 is involved in discussions at both a Federal and State level to find a solution to this situation.

Peter James, CEO of Scripture Union QLD will be interviewed on the 7:30 report tonight (20/06/2012) regarding chaplaincy.

Kind regards,

Peter Robinson

CEO Genr8 Ministries

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