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IMPORTANT! Timothy Partnership Enrolment Deadline February 8th

Posted: 05-Feb-2010

Dear Fellow-Labourer,

Enrol now to improve qualifications

If you need to develop your qualifications in line with the requirements of your employment contract - namely, you do not have an approved Diploma of Theology or equivalent or better - and you receive non-reportable fringe benefits (FBTE) - you will need to enrol in the Timothy Partnership or another approved educational provider for at least one subject per semester, with a minimum rate or three semesters each two years.

The Timothy Partnership enrolment deadline for distance (on-line) mode this semester is Monday February 8. You can simply enrol on-line at Go to Apply on the menu-bar. The Semester One study period is February 22 to June 4 with exams between June 7 and 18. Semester Two enrolments close Monday July 12, with study from July 26 to November 5. See the prospectus for details of Intensive Mode units done for a few days at Youthworks College and other locations.

Peter Robinson

CEO GenR8 Ministries

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