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Send Your Chaplain to JANCON 2014

Published: 26-Sep-2013

Naomi Reed visits North West NSW

Published: 12-Sep-2013

The Dad Factor - 7pm 25 August

Published: 05-Aug-2013

Indigenous Issues Winter School

Published: 01-Jul-2013

July 2011 Newsletter

Published: 01-Jul-2011

Chaplains Update

Published: 27-May-2011

April 2011 Newsletter

Published: 08-Apr-2011

Why SRE? website is live

Published: 03-Mar-2011

Interested in Chaplaincy for 2012?

Published: 17-Dec-2010

December 2010 Newsletter

Published: 10-Dec-2010

November 2010 Prayerletter

Published: 19-Nov-2010

November 2010 Newsletter

Published: 05-Nov-2010

October Prayer Letter

Published: 22-Oct-2010

Genr8 - October 2010 Newsletter

Published: 15-Oct-2010

September 2010 Prayerletter

Published: 17-Sep-2010

September 2010 Newsletter

Published: 10-Sep-2010

August Prayerletter

Published: 20-Aug-2010

August 2010 Newsletter

Published: 12-Aug-2010


Published: 06-Aug-2010

July Prayerletter

Published: 23-Jul-2010

Support SRE in City2Surf

Published: 09-Jul-2010

July Newsletter

Published: 02-Jul-2010

June Prayerletter

Published: 25-Jun-2010

June Newsletter

Published: 04-Jun-2010

NSCA News - Winter 2010

Published: 04-Jun-2010

Connecting with Generation Z

Published: 21-May-2010

May Prayer Letter

Published: 21-May-2010

70,000 Bibles for SRE

Published: 14-May-2010

Make It Count - 2010

Published: 14-May-2010


Published: 07-May-2010

May Newsletter

Published: 07-May-2010

On SRE and Ethics

Published: 07-May-2010

Lest We Forget Who?

Published: 23-Apr-2010

Save Our Scripture (Make a Stand)

Published: 23-Apr-2010

April Newsletter - Genr8 Ministries

Published: 01-Apr-2010

GenR8 Prayer Letter - March

Published: 19-Mar-2010

March Newsletter

Published: 05-Mar-2010

Audio: Jim French on 2 Timothy 1:1-14

Published: 29-Jan-2010

January Newsletter - Genr8 Ministries

Published: 21-Jan-2010

December Newsletter

Published: 18-Dec-2009

Latest News On Chaplaincy Extension

Published: 27-Nov-2009

GenR8 Annual Conference

Published: 16-Nov-2009

New Genr8 Video for Boards

Published: 18-Sep-2009

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